Remove Values from Revised Budget

This page describes the 'Remove Values from Revised Budget' Maintenance function in the Nominal Ledger.


The 'Remove Values from Revised Budget' function will remove the Add % to Budget figure from every record in the Revised Budget register or from every Revised Budget record with a specified Tag/Object. It will also set the Budget sum and the Budget amounts in every row in each selected Revised Budget record to zero.

Delete All
Select this option if you would like to update every record in the Revised Budget register.

Delete Object
Select this option if you only need to update Revised Budget records with a particular Tag/Object. Specify the Tag/Object in the field below. For a Revised Budget to be updated, its Tags/Objects and those in this field must match exactly. So, a Revised Budget with the Tags/Objects "AB,10101" will not be updated if you enter "AB" in this field.

Maintenance functions in the Nominal Ledger:

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