Creating a Report Generator Report - Choosing a Print Destination

This page describes specifying a print destination for a Report Generator report.


To specify the default print destination for a Report Generator report, open the Report Definition in a record window, change to the 'Settings' card and choose a Default Media option:

If it is likely that the report will be printed on a printer and you want a print dialogue to appear, select the Print Dialog option. The print dialog will allow the person producing the report to specify, for example, that they want several copies of the report to be printed.

Usually when you print a report, there will be an section at the top showing the report name, the search criteria used in producing the report, and the print date and time. If you do not want this section to be printed, select the Skip Header option.

Having chosen a print destination, please refer here for details about setting the width of the report.


Creating a Report Generator Report:

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