Introduction to Imports in the Nominal Ledger

The 'Imports' function allows you to import information from tab-delimited text files exported from other Standard ERP databases or Companies, or from other applications such as spreadsheets.

To import a file, first ensure you are in the Nominal Ledger and click (Windows/macOS) or tap (iOS/Android) the [Routines] button in the Navigation Centre. Then click or tap the [Imports] button in the subsequent window. You can also use the Ctrl-Shift-I (Windows) or ⌘-Shift-I (macOS) keyboard shortcut. The 'Imports' list window will then appear.

There are two standard import options in the Nominal Ledger, but more are available in some countries (depending on the VAT Law in the Company Info setting). Double-click or tap an option to start the import. An 'Open File' dialogue box will appear, asking you to locate the file to be imported. Click or tap [Open] and the import will begin.

There is also one import function relevant to the Nominal Ledger in the Integration module. To use this function, you must log in as a Global User or Person whose Access Group explicitly grants full access to the Integration module. Change to the Integration module, and then proceed as described in the previous paragraph.

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