Creating a New Database (Single-user) - The Enabler Key

The next stage is to inform Hansa that you have a full licence for its use.

A Hansa licence normally gives you the right to use the program for a single database. Each database will normally require its own database key provided to you on application by your local Hansa distributor. When Hansa is first purchased, this key is absent but Hansa will be fully operational for 30 days after installation, allowing time for the set-up work described here. After 30 days, if the key has not been applied for, Hansa will change to demonstration mode: it will remain fully functional, but printing will be disabled. The key can be applied for at any time (before or after the 30 day point), but before doing so you should ensure you have registered the number of Companies that you need, them all in the Company register, named them all in the Company Info setting, and given yourself access to the required modules and entered the number of users in the System Usage setting.

On closing the System Usage window, Hansa calculates a Control String based on the modules selected and the number of users and Companies entered. This will be visible if the System Usage window is reopened and will be copied by Hansa to a second setting, the Enabler setting, where it is used to calculate a Control Code, an eight-digit number.

At this point, where a Control String and Control Code are known to Hansa, the database will enter its demonstration mode 30 days from installation. To gain full use of the program, a database key needs to be acquired and entered. To do this, follow this procedure:

  1. Use the Modules menu to ensure you are in the System module and select 'Settings' from the File menu. In the list, double-click 'Enabler'. The 'Enabler: Inspect' window appears.

  2. Enter the expiry date of your Hansa contract in the Key is Valid Until field. Click the [Save] button in the Button Bar to save and close the Enabler.

  3. Contact your local Hansa representative during normal working hours and quote the Control String, Control Code and contract expiry date. You may be asked to produce a Company Info report. You will then be given a key.

  4. Enter the key and click [Save] to save the Enabler. This will inform Hansa that you have a full licence for its use.
If, in the System Usage setting, the modules checked are changed or the number of users is altered, Hansa will go into demonstration mode. Full use of Hansa can be regained by reverting the System Usage setting to its original state.

If a new Company is added to the database, the Valid Until date is changed in the Enabler setting or the Company Name is changed in the Company Info setting of any existing Company, this will also cause Hansa to go into demonstration mode. In this case, however, full use of Hansa can only be regained by applying for a new key.

A record of your database key should be kept in a safe place: you will need to enter it again if you ever create a new database by restoring from a back-up file.


Set up your Companies and define the System Usage and Company Info settings for each before applying for a database key.