Creating a Report Generator Report - Using Variables and Formulae - Testing

As always, it is a good idea to test each step in the design of a Report Generator report, so that you can catch errors early. On this page, we will test the variables and formulae that we added to the example Customer List report here. The illustration below shows these variables and formulae in their positions on the 'Layout' card:

The Report Footer section contains two formulae:
  • one joining the text "No. of Customers: " and the viCustCount integer variable (converted to a string); and

  • one joining the text "Total for the Report: " and the vdInvTotal decimal variable (converted to a string).
The Invoice Footer section contains one formula joining the text "No. of Invoices: " and the viInvCount integer variable, and one that will print the vsCustText string variable.

This is the resulting report:

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