Introduction to Contact Documents

You can print Contact documents from the Sales Ledger and the CRM module. Use the [Select Module] button in the Master Control panel to ensure you are in either of these modules and then select 'Documents' from the File menu or click the [Documents] button, also in the Master Control panel. Then, double-click the appropriate item in the list. A specification window will then appear, where you can decide the Contacts for which documents are to be printed. Click [Run] to print the documents.

It is often possible to report on a selection range, such as a range of Customers. To do this, enter the lowest and highest values of the range, separated by a colon. For example, to report on Customers 001 to 010, enter "001:010" in the Customer field. Depending on the field, the sort used might be alpha or numeric. In the case of an alpha sort, a range of 1:2 would also include 100, 10109, etc.

To determine the Form that will be used when you print a document, follow this procedure (when HansaWorld Enterprise is supplied, a sample Form will be printed):

  1. Design a Form (or change the sample Form supplied to reflect your own requirements) using the Form register in the System module. This process is fully described here.

  2. Change to the CRM or Sales Ledger module and open the 'Documents' window using the 'Documents' item on the File menu or by clicking the [Documents] button in the Master Control panel.

  3. Highlight the appropriate item in the list and select 'Define Document' from the Operations menu. In the subsequent window, assign a Form (or more than one Form) to the document: this window is fully described here.

  4. You only need use the 'Define Document' function once. Afterwards, Form selection will be automatic.