Introduction to the Time Sheet Register

There are two methods in Standard ERP that you can use to record the time spent working on Projects:
  • You can use the Time Sheet register in the Job Costing module.

  • You can record time using Activities.
Marking a Time Sheet as OK and marking an Activity as Done will both result in the creation of at least one Project Transaction. If you will invoice a Project on an "Actual" basis (i.e. based on the number of hours spent working on the Project rather than on a fixed cost basis), these Project Transactions will be used to construct the Invoices that you will send to the Customer.

The advantage of using Time Sheets to record time is that if necessary a single Time Sheet can include work carried out over a period of time (e.g. a week), even if that work was carried out by different members of staff on different Projects. A single Time Sheet can include different types of work, represented by different Items that might be charged out at different rates. Using Activities, separate records would be required for each Person/Project/Item combination (for each Person/Project/Item/Time Class combination if you are using Time Classes). Any materials supplied to a Customer while working on a Project can also be recorded in the same Time Sheet, but cannot be recorded using Activities.

The advantage of using Activities to record time is that the time will appear in each Person's Calendar. If you are using the Calendar (or the Resource Planner) to schedule work on Projects, each Activity can be marked as Done when it has been completed. There will be no need to duplicate that data by entering a Time Sheet as well. A second advantage is that you must use Activities if you need to post costs as work in progress from a particular Project (i.e. if you have selected the Use WIP option in the Project). Work in progress will not be posted from Time Sheets.

Please refer to the pages listed below for details about using Time Sheets to record the time spent working on Projects, and here for details about recording time using Activities.

The Time Sheet register in Standard ERP:


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