Introduction to the Rental module in Standard ERP

The Rental module in Standard ERP is designed to allow rental companies to manage rental bookings from initial quotation to invoicing. This includes provisional booking, choice of Rental Item, handing Rental Items over to Customers, adding rental and other charges to the Rental Agreement, receiving Rental Items back from Customers, inspection of Rental Items, invoicing and rental stock history. The 'Charge Reservations' routine if run every night will update Rental Agreements with the day's rental charges. Multi-location rental companies are supported, as Rental Items can be rented from one Location and returned to another. The integration with other modules in Standard ERP means that Invoices once marked as OK are immediately and automatically recorded in the Sales and Nominal Ledgers, making them available to debtor reports if not paid immediately and to all other reports. Each Rental Item can have a corresponding Asset record, allowing it to be included in depreciation calculations and Transactions. There is also close integration between the Rental and Internal Stock modules, and this documentation includes descriptions of many of the features in Internal Stock.

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