Introduction to the Hotel module in Standard ERP

The Hotel module in Standard ERP is designed to allow hotels to manage Room bookings from initial quotation to invoicing. This includes provisional booking, Room assignment, check-in, adding Items to Guest Accounts (Folios), invoicing and check-out. The module includes a graphical Resource Planner that allows you to see quickly and easily which Rooms are available at a given time and that you can use as the starting point for all work creating and managing Reservations (Room Bookings). Multi-location hotels are fully supported. The 'Nightly Maintenance' routine if run every night will, amongst other functions, update Guest Accounts with the day's Room charges, post a value for Work in Progress (income for the day that will be invoiced in the future) to the Nominal Ledger and create housekeeping Activities for the Rooms that require cleaning. The integration with other modules in Standard ERP means that Invoices once marked as OK are immediately and automatically recorded in the Sales and Nominal Ledgers, making them available to debtor reports if not paid immediately and to all other reports. This integration also allows Restaurant Bookings to be made from the front desk and for Restaurant Bar Tabs and POS Invoices to be assigned to the Room Accounts of Guests staying in the hotel.

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