Introduction to the Brought Forward Balances Register

This register holds the opening balances for all Accounts. The register works in the same way as the Transaction and Simulation registers.
  1. To open the Brought Forward Balances register, ensure you are in the Nominal Ledger and click the [B/FW Balances] button in the Master Control panel.

  2. Double-click the record you want to work with or click [New].

  1. Enter data in the same way as for Transactions. Check the Simulation box if you want the Brought Forward Balance to be treated as a simulated transaction: it will then only appear in reports if you use the Include Simulations option.

  2. Enter values in your home Currency in the Base 1 Debit and Credit fields. If you are using the Dual-Base currency conversion system you should already have defined which Currencies are to be used as Base Currencies 1 and 2. Usually, the Euro or Dollar will be used as Base Currency 2. To record values in Euros or other second Currency, use the Base 2 Debit and Credit fields on flip B. If you are using the Dual-Base system because your country is going through the transitional process whereby its Currency is being replaced by the Euro, you must enter figures in both Base Currencies because all values must be expressible in both Currencies (this is an EMU requirement). To record values in a foreign Currency, use the fields on flip C.

    As you enter values in the Base 1 Debit and Credit fields, converted figures will be placed in the corresponding Base 2 field on flip B. However, you should enter all values on flip C manually: no Currency conversion will take place because different users will have various methods of converting opening balance figures.

  3. If you are using Objects, you should enter a separate record to the Brought Forward Balances register for each Object and one for the total. For example, if you have a Cash Account with a balance of 100.00 that is divided between two departments so that 49.00 belongs to Department 1 and 51.00 to Department 2, enter three Brought Forward Balance records as follows:
    1st record, Cash Account, no Objects, total figure (100.00)
    2nd record, Cash Account, Object for Dept 1, figure for Dept 1 (49.00)
    3rd record, Cash Account, Object for Dept 2, figure for Dept 2 (51.00)
  4. Click [Save] to save the record.
Check the data by printing the Trial Balance report. The Total Balance on the last line should show 0.00 in the opening balance column.

Please click here for a more detailed description about opening balances and the B/FW Balances register.