Revised Budget from Budget

This page describes the 'Revised Budget from Budget' Maintenance function in the Nominal Ledger.


The 'Revised Budget from Budget' function will create Revised Budget records from Budget records. The sub-periods listed in the matrix in a Budget will be copied to the resulting Revised Budget together with the budget values. The Add % to Budget figure in each new Revised Budget will be zero, so the overall value of a Revised Budget will be the same as the originating Budget.

If you will create a Revised Budget for one Account and then produce a Balance Sheet or Profit & Loss report using the Revised Budget comparison, the report will not contain comparisons for the other Accounts. If you need there to be comparisons for every Account, this Maintenance function provides an easy way of creating Revised Budgets for those Accounts.

Paste Special    Reporting Periods setting, System module
The function will look for Budget records with periods that begin in the period that you specify here. It will then create Revised Budget records from those Budgets.

Paste Special    Account register, Nominal Ledger/System module
If you need to create a Revised Budget from the Budget for a particular Account, specify that Account here.

Paste Special    Tag/Object register, Nominal Ledger/System module
If you need to create Revised Budgets for a particular Tag/Object, specify that Tag/Object here. If you enter a number of Tags/Objects separated by commas, Revised Budgets will be created from Budgets featuring all the Tags/Objects that you have entered.

Replace Revised Budget if exists
The function will not create a new Revised Budget if one already exists and has been marked as OK. If one already exists but has not been marked as OK, the function will delete it and replace it with a new one if you select this option. Otherwise, it will leave the existing Revised Budget untouched and will not create a new one. An existing Revised Budget record will have the same Account, Tags/Objects, Class and Start Date as the originating Budget record.

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