Row Menu - Returned Goods to Supplier

The matrix in the Returned Goods to Supplier window has its own menu, which contains a function that refers to or affects an individual row in the matrix. This is sometimes known as the "Row Menu".

If you are using Windows or macOS, you can open the Row menu by first clicking in any field in the row in question (i.e. the row to which the function is to be applied), and then right-clicking (Windows) or Ctrl-clicking (macOS) the row number (on the left of the row). A menu will appear, where you can select the function:

On iOS and Android there is no Row menu, so on those platforms you will find the Row menu function on the Tools menu (with 'wrench' icon), together with the Operations menu functions.

Please follow the links below for details about the function on the Row menu:


The Returned Goods to Supplier register in Standard ERP:

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