Internal Invoice Alerts

This page describes the Internal Invoice Alerts setting in the Business Alerts module.


The Internal Invoice Alerts setting allows for a responsible Person to be notified every time a Sales Credit Note is marked as OK and saved. The notification will be by Mail.

Marking a Credit Note as OK and saving will cause a notification Mail to be sent to the Person specified in this setting. The sender of the Mail will be the From System Mailbox specified in the Mail and Conferences setting in the Email and Conferences module. If no notification Mail is created when expected, the probable reason will be that you have not specified a From System Mailbox. The Credit Note will be attached to the Mail.

The Internal Invoice Alerts setting contains the following options and fields:

Email from Credit Note
Tick this box if you would like an automatic notification Mail to be sent to the Recipient specified below whenever a Credit Note is marked as OK and saved.

Specify here the Credit Note value that will trigger the sending of automatic notification Mails.

The Recipient will receive a notification Mail if the TOTAL (i.e. total including VAT) in a Credit Note is greater than this figure.

No Currency conversion will take place. So if the Limit is 1000.00 for example, Credit Notes worth GBP 1000.01 and USD 1000.01 will both trigger Mails.

Std. Text
Paste Special    Standard Text register, CRM module
Specify here the Code of a record in the Standard Text register in the CRM module. This record should contain the text of the message that will be included in the notification Mail.

Paste Special    Person register, System module and Global User register, Technics module
Enter the Signature of the Global User or Person to whom notification Mails are to be sent when Credit Notes are marked as OK and saved. The Global User or Person must have a Mailbox, otherwise notification Mails will not be sent.
When you have finished working with this setting, click the [Save] button (Windows/macOS) or tap √ (iOS/Android) to save the changes and close the window. To close the window without saving changes, click the close box (Windows/macOS) or tap < (iOS/Android).


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