Creating a Report Generator Report - Adding a Secondary Register

This page describes adding a secondary register to a Report Generator report. Please refer here for details about adding a primary register to the report.


A Report Generator report that only includes a primary register will usually have as its output a simple list of records in that register. Adding a secondary register allows you to add connected records in another register to the report. For example, in a Customer List report, it might be useful to list each Customer's Invoices underneath static details such as their Contact Number, Name, Category and Telephone Number. In this case, the Contact register would be the primary register and the Invoice register would be the secondary register. The report will loop through the Contact register. For each record in that register representing a Customer, it will then loop through the Invoice register to find Invoices belonging to that Customer.

Follow these steps to add a secondary register to a Report Generator report. These steps assume you have already added a primary register to the report, as described here:

  1. Open the Report Definition record and go to the 'Data' card. Click the [Register] button and complete the resulting 'Register' dialogue box as follows:

    Set the Level to 2, to signify that this is a secondary register. The example report will first list Customers in the Contact register (the Level 1 register) and then Invoices for those Customers. Invoices are therefore on the second Level. Please refer to the Registers page for more details about Levels.

  2. Click [OK] to close the 'Register' dialogue box. A new "Register:" line is added to the report display area, indented to show that it's on the second level:

    The Invoice register is one where you can invalidate records using the 'Invalidate' function on the Record menu. Whenever you add a register that supports the 'Invalidate' function to a report, a "Selection:" line will be also be added automatically, representing an automatic search that will remove invalidated records from the report. If necessary, you can remove this line from the report in the usual way (by clicking on it and pressing the Backspace key), or you can change it so that the report only lists invalidated records.
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