Creating a Report Generator Report - Adding a Secondary Register - If there are no Records in the Secondary Register

This page describes omitting a primary register record from a Report Generator report if there are no related records in the secondary register


Primary register records will usually be printed in a Report Generator report even if there are no relevant records in the secondary register. In the example Customer List report that we are using in this documentation, a Contact record will be included in the report even if the record represents a Customer that has no Invoices. This is appropriate since the report is a list of every Customer in the Contact register, but in other circumstances you may want to remove these Customers from the report. To do so, follow these steps:

  1. Return to the Report Definition record and go to the 'Layout' card.

  2. In the example, the Contact Before and Contact After sections are printed once for each Customer. You can remove a Customer that has no Invoices from the report by preventing these sections from being printed. Double-click on each of these two sections in turn. The 'Section' dialogue box opens:

  3. Select the Skip If Inner Loops Are Empty option and press the [OK] button.
From now on, the report will only contain Customers that have at least one Invoice.

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