Creating a Report Generator Report - The Appearance of the Report - Adding Column Headings

This page describes adding column headings to a Report Generator report. Please refer to the following pages for details about other tasks that you may need to carry out when designing the output of a Report Generator report:

When designing the output of a report generator report, one task is to add the column headings that will identify each piece of information in the report. Column headings will usually be printed once in a report. Depending on the requirements of the report you are designing, you can place the column headings in the overall Report Header or in the register Header section: in both cases, they will be printed once at the top of the report. In the example Customer List that we are using in this documentation to illustrate the process of creating Report Generator reports, we will add column headings to identify the Contact Number, Name, Category and Telephone Number of each Customer, and we will place them in the Register Header section (in the example, the Contact Header section).

  1. After creating a Report Generator report and specifying the primary register, go to the 'Layout' card and click on the Register Header section (marked "Contacts vrContact Header" in the example) so that it changes to a darker shade of grey.

  2. Use the [Text] button as described here to create the four headings:

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