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This page describes the 'OK' function on the Operations menu in the 'Expenses: Browse' window. If you are using iOS or Android, the 'OK' function is on the Tools menu (with 'wrench' icon).


The 'OK' command is only available on the Operations menu in the 'Expenses: Browse' window. It allows you to mark Expense records as OK from the 'Expenses: Browse' window.

If you are using Windows or Mac OS X, you can use this function to mark Expense records as OK in batches. Simply highlight a range of Expense records in the browse window and select the function. To highlight a range of Expense records, click the top one in the range and then hold down the Shift key and click the last one. If you need to apply the function to a number of Expense records that aren't in a range, highlight them while holding the Ctrl (Windows) or ⌘ (Mac OS X) keys before selecting the function.

If you are using iOS or Android, you can only highlight a single Expense record at a time, by searching for it, so you can only mark a single Expense record as OK at a time.

When you select the function, each highlighted Expense record will be marked as OK immediately. Remember that, if so defined in the Sub Systems setting in the Nominal Ledger and in the Number Series - Expenses setting, this action will cause Nominal Ledger Transactions to be created for each Expense record in the selection and that therefore once it has been carried out you will no longer be able to modify those Expense records.

If you are using the Signer Required option in the Expense Settings setting, any highlighted Expense records in which the Signer field is empty will not be marked as OK, and messages will appear to let you know. To fill the Signer field in an Expense record, a Person with sufficient access privileges should open the record and select 'Authorise' from the Operations or Tools menu. The Person's Signature will be placed in the Signer field, and it will now be possible to mark the Expense record as OK.

You can use Access Groups to prevent certain users from marking Expense records as OK. To do this, deny them access to the 'OK Expenses' Action.

Messages will also appear if any of the Expense records you have selected need to pass through an approval process before you can mark them as OK, to let you know that the function has ignored such Expense records. You can configure approval processes using the Approval Rules register in the Business Alerts module. Please refer to the description of the Approval Status field on the 'Misc' card for brief details about the approval process and here for full details.


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