Sub Systems

The integration between different modules in HansaWorld Enterprise means that Nominal Ledger Transactions can be generated automatically when you approve (mark as OK and save) records in other ledgers and modules ("Sub Systems"). For example, when you approve an Invoice in the Sales Ledger, this can cause a Nominal Ledger Transaction to be generated automatically, debiting a Debtor Account and crediting a Sales Account and, if appropriate, a VAT Account.

Use this setting to specify when you want this automatic generation of Transactions to be activated, and from which Sub Systems. Double-click 'Sub Systems' in the 'Settings' list to open the following window:

Check boxes containing a tick represent those Sub Systems from which Nominal Ledger Transactions will be generated. Further Sub Systems are shown on the 'Logistics' and 'Cash and Other' cards. Whenever you approve a record (i.e. mark the record as OK and save it) in a Sub System register that you have selected here, a Nominal Ledger Transaction will be generated automatically. Make sure you have specified the Accounts that will be used in these Transactions in the appropriate settings (start with Account Usage S/L in the Sales Ledger, Account Usage P/L in the Purchase Ledger and Account Usage Stock in the Stock module).

Once you have specified that a particular Sub System is to generate Nominal Ledger Transactions, you can make an exception for Sub System records that fall within a particular number sequence. For example, if it is the general case that Invoices will generate Nominal Ledger Transactions when they are approved, you can choose to not have Transactions created for Invoices whose Number falls within a particular range. You should do this using the appropriate Number Series setting for the Sub System in question (Number Series - Invoices in the example). Please refer to the web page describing the appropriate Number Series setting for details.

Use the From Date field to indicate the date from which Transactions are to be generated. This will be useful when you are entering opening balances when you are changing to HansaWorld Enterprise from another accounting system. If you have entered an overall opening balance for the Debtor Account for example, any Invoices that you transfer from the old system and enter as Sales Ledger opening balances should not generate Transactions posting to that Account as well.

It is therefore recommended that you switch on the check boxes according to your requirements and that, for each Sub System, you enter a From Date that is later than the Transaction Date used in all your opening balance transactions. This will ensure that the opening balances will not be posted to the Nominal Ledger, and there will also be no danger that you will forget to switch the check boxes on when you need to enter new Sub System transactions.

If you do not wish to use the feature whereby Nominal Ledger Transactions are generated automatically, or if you forget to turn it on, you can use the N/L Transfer, Sub Systems report in the Nominal Ledger to print a list of all Sub System transactions. You can use this report as a basis for entering the equivalent Nominal Ledger Transactions manually. You can also use the 'Create N/L Transactions' Maintenance function in the System module to create such Nominal Ledger Transactions in batches.