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You can prevent users from saving a Quotation, Order or Invoice after they have entered a price (i.e. a unit price less discount) in any row that is below a specified minimum for the Item. To do this, follow these steps:
  1. Create a Price List (using the Price List register in the Pricing module).

  2. Create records in the Price register for each Item that is to have a minimum price. Assign each Price record to the Price List.

  3. Specify the Price List in the Minimum Price List field on the 'Sales' card in the Person records for each sales person.
When a Person with a Minimum Price List tries to save a Quotation, Order or Invoice, a check will be made that the Unit Price less Discount of each Item is not less than the figure in the relevant Price record (i.e. not less than the minimum). If there is no Price record for an Item, the Base Price in the Item record will be treated as the minimum. If the Unit Price less Discount of any Item is below the minimum, it will usually not be possible to save the record.

In some circumstances, you may wish to allow the saving of a Quotation, Order or Invoice in which at least there is at least one row where the Unit Price less Discount is below the minimum. In order to allow the record to be saved, a manager must approve the price. A manager in this context is a Person with a Discount Password, set using this function.

To set a Discount Password for a Person, highlight their name in the 'Persons: Browse' window and select 'Change Discount Password' from the Operations menu. The following window will be opened:

Type in the new password twice to ensure that it is correct. Click [Save] to close the window and save, or click [Cancel] if you do not want to save changes. The password is case-sensitive.

Assigning a Discount Password to a Person immediately qualifies that Person as a manager, able to approve prices in Quotations, Orders and Invoices that are below the Salesman's minimum. To approve a price, the manager should run the 'Manager's Discount Override' function from the Quotation, Order or Invoice. If you would like to define minimum prices for the manager, specify a Minimum Price List in their Person record. They will then not be able to approve prices that are below the minimum set in that Price List.

Any Person that has a Minimum Price List can also change their own Discount Password, even if they do not have access to the System module. After logging in, the Person should open the Navigation Centre or the 'Settings' list in any module and select 'Change Discount Password' from the Operations menu. Then, they should follow the instructions above, with the difference that they will also need to confirm their existing password. The 'Change Discount Password' function is not available to Persons that have not been assigned a Minimum Price List.

Note that if you are using Windows, you cannot include special characters such as *, å, ä, ö in passwords. Bear this in mind if you are creating the Discount Password on a Mac OS X machine but the Person will need to be able to use the Password on a Windows machine.


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