Individual Settings - Payment Modes

The Payment Modes setting is included in the following Standard products:
  • Standard Accounts (Sales and Purchase Ledger modules)

  • Standard Contracts

  • Standard Invoicing

  • Standard POS

Payment Modes represent the different methods by which your Invoices will be paid by your Customers (and by which you will pay your Suppliers). Typical examples are cash, cheque, direct debit and credit card. For many businesses, the difference between such payment methods in terms of the way they are accounted for is minimal, but if necessary and if you are using Standard Accounts, you can configure each Payment Mode to post to a different Account (i.e. to ensure payments are paid into or issued from a different bank account or petty cash account).

If you are using Standard Accounts, you will find the Payment Modes setting in both the Purchase and Sales Ledger modules. Use the [Module] button in the Master Control panel to enter either of these modules to work with this setting. Then, as in every Standard product, open the setting by first clicking the [Settings] button in the Master Control panel and then double-clicking 'Payment Modes' in the 'Settings' list. Fill in the fields as described below. Then, to save changes and close the window, click the [Save] button. To close the window without saving changes, click the close box.

You can enter as many Payment Modes as you need, using the grid on the 'Payment Modes' screen. To add a Payment Mode, click in the Code field of the first blank row and enter appropriate text. To remove a Payment Mode, click on the row number on the left of the row and press the Backspace key.

Enter a unique code by which the Payment Mode is to be identified from elsewhere in your Standard application.

Bank Account No.
Specify here the bank account number used for this Payment Mode. On the purchase side, this will be copied to the Own Bank Account field in Payments.

Bank Name
Record the name of the bank where the account is held here.

The name of the Payment Mode. This will be shown in the 'Paste Special' list, so it should be descriptive enough to make the selection of the correct Payment Mode easy for all users.
The following additional field is included in Standard Accounts:
Paste Special    Account register, Nominal Ledger
Specify here the cash, bank or other Account to be debited by any Receipt and credited by any Payment using the Payment Mode.

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