Entering a Contact - Contact Card

Enter here the address to which Invoices, statements and Payments are to be sent.

Paste Special     Contact Persons in Contact register
Used as default in    Sales Invoices
If the Contact is a company or organisation (i.e. not an individual person), enter here the name of your most important Contact Person working there. This person is your "Primary Contact". If you need to add the names of more Contact Persons who work for the company, use the 'Create Contact' function on the Operations menu.

If you specify the Contact in a Sales Invoice as the Customer, its Primary Contact will be copied to the Attention field in that Invoice. You can of course change to another Contact Person in that Attention field. The 'Paste Special' list from that field will only contain Contact Persons that work for the Customer.

Please refer to the Contact Persons page for more details.

Telephone, Mobile, Fax, E-mail, Skype Name
Enter the Contact's main telephone, cell phone and fax numbers, email address and Skype name here.

Web Site
If the Contact has a website, enter its address (URL) here.

VAT Reg No.
Record the Contact's VAT Registration Number here.

When you save the record, there will be a check that you have not already used the VAT Registration Number in another Contact record. If you have, you will be warned, but you will still be able to save the record. The warning will contain the Contact Number of the other company.
At the bottom of the 'Contact' card, there is a grid. If the Contact is a Customer, this grid will list the Contact Persons working for them. Please refer to the Contact Persons page for full details.


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