Restoring from a Back-up

Restoring from a back-up is a non-destructive process, i.e. the back-up file is not affected by the reading process. This means that you can use the same back-up file more than once.

Follow these steps:

  1. Locate the "Standard XXX.hdf" file on your hard disk (where XXX is the name of your Standard application). It will be stored in Home/Library/Application Support/Standard XXX 6.3 UK.

    Note that Home/Library is an invisible folder in OS X 10.7 (Lion). To open it, go to the Finder and select the Go menu while holding down the Option (Alt) key. Select 'Library' from the menu.

  2. Hold down the Ctrl key on your keyboard and click on the .hdf file. When the menu appears, choose 'Show Package Contents'. A window will open, listing the contents of the "Standard XXX.hdf" file. Move the "HANSA.HDB" file out of the package. If you need to restore your database using a text back-up file stored in the "Backup" folder in the package, move this text back-up file out of the package as well.

    Leave the "Attach" folder and its contents in place, otherwise all attachment links will be lost after restoring.

  3. Double-click your Standard application. As there is no "HANSA.HDB" file in place, a new database will be created.


    It is important to restore to a new, empty database, to avoid mixing the restored data with the old, damaged database.

  4. When the 'Welcome' window appears, click the [Import Backup] button:

  5. When the 'Open File' dialogue box opens, locate and open the back-up file in the normal way. The back-up data will be imported.

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