Manual file search

This function is similar to the 'Automatic' import in that you can use it to import from files created by any of the export functions in your Standard application. The only differences are:
  • It allows you to import files from anywhere on your hard disk or on your network, while files imported by the 'Automatic' function have to be located in the "Backup" folder inside the "Standard XXX.hdf" file (where XXX is the name of your Standard application) and in the "Setup" folder inside your Standard application.

  • It allows you to import files with any filename. The 'Automatic' function is restricted to files whose names have .txt extensions.

  • Comments inserted in the back-up files are not visible when you use the 'Manual file search' function, so be certain that you are selecting the correct file to be imported. You can read these comments when you use the 'Automatic' import.
When you select this function from the 'Imports' list window (in the System module if you are using Standard Accounts), a standard 'Open File' system dialogue will open, allowing you to locate the file that you want to import.


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