Designing Forms

You can print various documents from all Standard products except Standard Nominal Ledger. For example, the Standard products that contain an Invoice register all allow you to print Invoices, Credit Notes and Cash Notes. The Form register is a forms editor built in to each Standard product that you can use to design your own formats (i.e. your own stationery) to be used when printing these documents. In this register, you can design separate Forms for each document used in the program.

If you are using Standard Accounts, open the forms editor by first ensuring you are in the System module and then clicking the [Forms] button in the Master Control panel. In all other products, simply click the [Forms] button in the Master Control panel. In all cases, the 'Forms: Browse' window will open, listing the Forms that are already in the system:

Double-click on a Form in the list to open and edit it, or click [New] or [Duplicate] in the Button Bar to create a new Form. When you have designed the Form, click [Save] in the Button Bar to save it in the normal way.

The 'Form: Inspect' window is where you can create the new Form or edit an existing one. At the top of the window there are five buttons: [Text], [Line], [Frame], [Field] and [Picture]. In the editing area, each object in the Form is shown either as a framed box, or as text. As in most drawing programs, you can move an object by clicking and dragging, and you can re-size it by dragging its corners.


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