Personal Desktop

As well as being able to connect files, notes or records to any record in Standard Accounts (as described here), you can also attach them to your Master Control panel. They will be listed in the area on the right of the Master Control panel, known as the "Personal Desktop". You can also place important reports, documents, settings and registers in the Personal Desktop. You can therefore configure your Personal Desktop so that it gives you immediate access to the areas of Standard Accounts that are most important to you (i.e. removing the need to find reports, documents and settings in list windows and records in browse windows). The Personal Desktop is therefore similar to a list of Bookmarks in a browser.

When you click the [+] button immediately above the Personal Desktop, a drop-down menu will appear, containing various functions that you can use when working with the Personal Desktop, as illustrated below:

You can place the following items in your Personal Desktop:
Drag registers from the Master Control panel to the Personal Desktop.

Settings, reports, documents, import and export functions
Open the appropriate list window (e.g. the 'Reports' list or the 'Documents' list) and then drag an item from the list to the Personal Desktop.

Click the [+] button in the top left-hand corner of the Personal Desktop and choose 'Attach File'. A standard 'Open File' dialogue window will open, allowing you to locate the file that you need.

Web Links
You can place links to web pages in your Personal Desktop. Click the [+] button in the top left-hand corner of the Personal Desktop and choose 'Create Web Link'. A window will open where you can specify a name for the link and the URL (web address). You should also choose "Inline" or "External" in the Open field, using 'Paste Special'. If you choose "Inline", the web page will be opened in a new window inside Standard Accounts when you double-click the web link. If you enter "External", the web page will be opened in your default browser.
To remove an item from your Personal Desktop, click on it and click the [-] button above the Personal Desktop. You can also choose 'Clear' from the Edit menu, or press the Backspace key on your keyboard.

The contents of your Personal Desktop cannot be viewed by another user. So, if someone else logs in your Standard Accounts database using the [Login] button in the Master Control panel, your Personal Desktop will disappear, to be replaced with theirs.

When you create the first User Account in a new database, the Personal Desktop will be activated for that User automatically. If you add extra Users to the Person register, you will need to activate the Personal Desktop for those Users yourself. Use the 'Activate Personal Desktop' function on the Operations menu of the 'Persons: Browse' window.


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