Entering a Person Record - Header

Enter the Person's initials to be used when logging on, or to identify the Person from elsewhere in Hansa.

If there is more than one Company in the database, records in the Person register (as with all registers) are specific to the Company in which they are entered. However, if you are using Hansa's Mail facilities, each Person's Mailbox will be open to all Companies in the database. This allows mail to be sent between Persons in different Companies. One implication of this is that all Persons across all Companies should have different initials. If there are two or more Persons in different Companies with the same initials, they will not be able to have separate Mailboxes.

The name of the Person.

Check this box if the Person is no longer to be used. Closed Persons will appear in the 'Persons: Browse' window but not in the Persons 'Paste Special' list. You will not be able to enter Orders or Invoices for closed Customers. A closed Customer can be re-opened at any time.

Allow FTP Access
If you are using the Hansa FTP facility and wish to allow this Person access to your FTP server, check this box. They will use their initials as a Login ID, and you can allocate them a password using the 'Change Password' function on the Operations menu of the 'Persons: Browse' window.