Create Menu - Create Mailbox

To create a Mailbox for a Person, first click on the Person in the 'Persons: Browse' window and then select 'Create Mailbox' from the Operations menu. Only one Mailbox can be entered for a particular Person: if a Mailbox already exists, the function will have no effect.

The Mailbox is opened in a new window entitled 'Conference/Mailbox: New'. This means that it has not yet been saved. After amendment if necessary, save the Mailbox by clicking the [Save] button in the Button Bar. Alternatively, if you no longer require the Mailbox, click [Cancel].

The Person's initials and Name will be copied from the Person record to the new Mailbox, and the Class will be set to "Mailbox". This leaves only the Conference Access Groups to be specified.

To close the screen and return to the 'Persons: Browse' window, click the close box. You will be asked if you would like to save any changes that you may have made.

For more details about Mailboxes, please refer here.