Entering a Person Record

To open the Person register, ensure you are in the System module and select 'Persons' from the Registers menu, or click the [Persons] button in the Master Control panel.

The 'Persons: Browse' window is opened, showing Persons that have already been entered.

To enter a new record, click [New] in the Button Bar or use the Ctrl-N (Windows and Linux) or ⌘-N (Macintosh) keyboard shortcut. Alternatively, highlight a Person similar to the one you want to enter and click [Duplicate] on the Button Bar.

The 'Person: New' window is opened, empty if you clicked [New] or containing a duplicate of the highlighted Person.

Since the amount of information stored about each Person will not fit on a single screen, the Person window has been divided into five cards. At the top of each is the header. This contains the Person's Initials and Name. There are five named buttons ('tabs') in the header.

By clicking the tabs you can navigate between the cards, and always go directly to a certain card. The header is always visible, so you can always see which Person you are working with.