Introduction to the Stock Module in Standard ERP

The Stock module records every shipment in and out of stock. It interacts with the Sales and Purchase Orders modules, with the Sales Ledger, the Job Costing and Production modules and the Nominal Ledger. The Delivery register will always be updated from Sales Orders, but you can also update stock levels from Sales Invoices and Work Sheets. You can enter Goods Receipts directly to the Goods Receipt register, and you can also create them from Purchase Orders. There are registers you can use to depreciate stock (for example, to remove Items from stock because they have been lost), and to revalue some or all of your stock. You can keep stock in different and independent Locations, and you can move stock between Locations. Several reports give information about the contents and value of your stock.

As well as recording stock levels and values of each Item, you can maintain a stock valuation in the Nominal Ledger. Every register in the Stock module can be integrated with the Nominal Ledger, posting to a Stock Account and to a Purchase Accruals Account, Cost of Sales Account, Returned Goods Account or Stock Loss Account as appropriate.

The Stock module was rewritten in version 5.1 of the application. As far as daily use of the Stock module is concerned, this rewriting will cause little or no difference. Most of the changes are behind the scenes, in the way information is stored. If you were using the application prior to this version, you will need to rebuild your stock information before you can start using the Stock module. Please refer to the description of the 'Rebuild Stock' Maintenance function for details.


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