Introduction to the Company Register

If your business is one where there are separate departments or subsidiary companies that keep separate accounts, these can be set up as separate accounting entities in Hansa using the Company register in the System module. Each department or subsidiary is termed a 'Company'. If you set up more than one Company in Hansa, each will be completely separate: there will be no common information, although it is possible to copy from one to another using the export and import functions. Separate account balances will be maintained, and each Company within a database can be backed up separately or together.

Note that you should only use this feature to differentiate between different departments if you intend to account for each of them separately. If you keep a single set of accounts covering your whole organisation, you only need have a single Company in your database.

On launching Hansa for the first time, your first task will normally be to create a Company. Please refer to the Creating a New Company page for full details.


You must enter at least one Company as your first task in using Hansa.

The number of Companies that you can create is restricted by the System Usage setting (in the System module). In a new database, this number will always be one. If you need more than one Company, it is advisable to change this limit and then to enter as many Companies as you need straight away, so that you only need apply for an Enabler Key once. The Enabler Key is dependent upon the number of Companies entered, so you will need to apply for a new one if you add a new Company later. Remember that each Company will maintain completely separate accounts, so there is no need to create separate Companies for departments that are part of the same accounting whole.