Introduction to Exports in the Expenses Module

The 'Exports' function allows you to export information from your Hansa database to tab-delimited text files from where you can incorporate it in word processing programs for mailmerge, in spreadsheets for further statistical analysis or in page make-up programs for incorporation in publicity material or published reports. Alternatively, you can import the information into other Hansa databases or Companies using the 'Automatic' and 'Automatic manual file search' import functions in the System module.

To begin exporting, select 'Exports' from the File menu or click the [Exports] button in the Master Control panel. The window illustrated below appears. This lists the single Export that can be produced from the Expenses module. Double-click the item and a specification window will appear, where you can decide the contents of the exported text file. Click [Run] and a 'Save File' dialogue box will appear, where you can name the file and determine where it is to be saved.