Point of Sales - Preparing for Connection

This page outlines the preparation work that is required to connect a point of sales till to a server. For details about starting the server for the first time and connecting desktop clients, please refer to the Creating a New Database page.
In a retail environment, the network will typically include the following elements:
  • A server

  • Clients with conventional interfaces (e.g. desktop computers or laptops) used for administration. These clients will have live connections to the server. The term "desktop client" is used in these web pages when referring to such a client.

  • Sales terminals with conventional or touch-screen interfaces (e.g. tills, cash machines, portable devices) used for sales. These clients may have live or live-sync connections to the server. The terms "Machine" and "Till" in these web pages are interchangeable and refer to a till or cash machine.
Many of the settings controlling the operation and appearance of the touch-screen interface are found in the User Settings module. If you change anything in the User Settings module, you may need to quit Standard ERP (on the client machine in question only) and restart for the change to take effect.

In multi-user systems, settings in the User Settings module are specific to each client machine, allowing settings to vary from machine to machine. Information in these settings is stored in the databases on the client machines and tills, not in that on the main server. This has two implications for client machines and tills that have live connections with the server:

  • You need to configure the settings in the User Settings module on each client machine and till individually. If your tills do not have keyboards, you may need to create and test databases for each one on a desktop client and then copy those databases to the tills over the network.

  • The client databases must be backed up separately. Please refer to the Client Text Backup page for details about how to do this.For client machines and tills that have live-sync connections with the server, you will be able to configure the settings in the User Settings module for each machine, working from a single desktop client. When a client machine or till connects to the server for the first time, the relevant settings will be sent automatically to that till (as part of a process known as "synchronisation”).
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