Introduction to Maintenance Functions in Standard Contracts

Maintenance functions allow you to carry out certain updating tasks, usually involving batch processing and encompassing all or many of the records in the affected register. There are five such functions available in Standard Contracts. To use them, follow these steps:
  1. Click the [Routines] button in the Master Control panel. A list of routines appears. Click the [Maintenance] button:

  2. The 'Maintenance' list window appears:

  3. Double-click thefunction that you want to use. A specification window will then appear, where you should specify the records that you want to be updated by the function and what you want it to do. Illustrated below is the specification window for the 'Create Contract Invoices' function:

    You should use Maintenance function specification windows in exactly the same way as report specification windows, as described on the Reports page. This includes the possibility to enter ranges of records as shown in the Contract field in the illustration, and using 'Paste Special' (⌘-Enter) to bring values into many of the fields.

  4. Once you have entered the criteria that you need, click [Run] to activate the function.

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