Introduction to Settings in Standard products

Settings allow you to tailor the operation of your Standard application to your requirements, and to supply information to be used throughout the program. Many settings take the form of preferences: examples include Account Usage S/L and Account Usage P/L, which you can use to specify which Account is to be used in a particular situation (e.g. which Accounts are to be used as your Debtor and Creditor Accounts), and Invoice Settings, where you can specify an overall default sales VAT Code and choose whether your prices include VAT. Other settings require a number of records to be entered: this information tends to be used in 'look-up' tables (i.e. 'Paste Special' windows) from the main registers.

To edit or add to a setting, click the [Settings] button in the Master Control panel. You can also use the ⌘-S keyboard shortcut. The 'Settings' list window will open. In Standard Accounts, its contents will vary according to the module selected. In the other Standard products, every setting in the program will be listed.

Choose an entry in the list by double-clicking it, or by selecting it and pressing the Enter key. Each setting is described in detail below.


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