Record Window - Row Menu

Many record windows are divided into two sections: the top half shows details relating to the record as a whole (for example, in an Order, the top half will contain details such as the Order Number and Date and the Customer) and the lower half contains a matrix listing the individual items (or rows) that are attached to the record (e.g. in an Order, the matrix will list the ordered Items).

These windows will often have an Operations menu, which contains functions that refer to or affect the record as a whole. For example, in an Order, included on the Operations menu will be an 'Order Status' function that you can use to open a window containing a summary of the status of the Order, listing Deliveries, Invoices and any other connected records. The matrix in these windows will often have its own menu, which contains functions that refer to or affect an individual row in the matrix. This is sometimes known as the "Row Menu".

To use the Row menu, first click in any field in the row in question (i.e. the row to which the function is to be applied), and then right-click (Windows) or Ctrl-click (Mac OS X) the row number (on the left of the row). A menu will appear, where you can select the function that you need:

The functions on the Row menu will vary depending on the record you are looking at, and are described in full on the appropriate web pages.


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