GP Below Minimum Alerts

This page describes the GP Below Minimum Alerts setting in the Business Alerts module.


Use the GP Below Minimum Alerts setting if you would like a responsible Person or Persons to be notified every time a sales person attempts to mark as OK and save a Sales Invoice, save an Opportunity, Quotation or Sales Order, or create a Delivery from a Sales Order in which there is at least one row with a gross profit that is lower than a specified percentage. The notification will be by Mail and To Do Activity: the Activity will ensure the need to check and approve the Invoice will appear in the responsible Person's Task Manager as a reminder. The Invoice will be attached to the Mail and the Activity.

If you want to use this feature, follow these steps:

  1. Specify a Responsible Person or Persons in each Location. This Person or Persons will receive the GP Below Minimum Alerts.

  2. Ensure that every Person who will work with Sales Invoices, Sales Orders, Deliveries, Quotations and/or Opportunities has a Mailbox.

  3. Configure the GP Below Minimum Alerts setting as described below.
You can also prevent the saving of Invoices that have been marked as OK, Opportunities, Quotations and Orders that contain at least one row with a low gross profit, and prevent the creation of Deliveries from such Sales Orders. To do this, assign every Person who works with these registers to Access Groups in which you have granted Full access to the 'Disallow Selling Below Minimum GP' Action.

If no notification Mail is created when expected, the probable reason is that the Person attempting to save the Invoice, Order, Quotation or Opportunity does not have a Mailbox.

Notifications will not be sent for Credit Notes, or for Invoices in which the CAE/CAEA field on the 'Identifiers' card contains a value. The CAE/CAEA field is used in Argentina to indicate that an Invoice has been approved by the tax authorities. After receiving this approval, an Invoice cannot be changed.

The GP Below Minimum Alerts setting contains the following options and fields:

Create alert email for Quotes, Sales Orders and Sales Invoices where markup is less than defined %
Tick this box if you would like a Mail to be sent to the Responsible Person(s) in the relevant Location whenever an attempt is made to save a Sales Invoice that has been marked as OK, an Opportunity, a Quotation or a Sales Order or to create a Delivery from a Sales Order in which in which at least one Item is being sold with a low gross profit. A To Do Activity for the Responsible Person(s) will be created as well.

If you want to prevent the saving of Invoices, Opportunities, Quotations and Sales Orders and the creation of Deliveries from Orders but do not need notifications to be sent, enter a Minimum GP % below but do not select this option. The 'Disallow Selling Below Minimum GP' Access Group Action will use the Minimum GP % to prevent saving when necessary.

Minimum GP %
Specify here the gross profit percentage that should trigger the sending of a notification Mail and creation of a notification To Do Activity.

For example if you enter 50% here, notifications will be sent when at least one row in an Opportunity, Quotation, Order or Invoice contains a gross profit that is less than 50%.

If you do not enter a percentage, notifications will only be sent from an Opportunity, Quotation, Order or Invoice where the gross profit of at least one row is negative.

Std. Text
Paste Special    Standard Text register, CRM module
Specify here the Code of a record in the Standard Text register in the CRM module. This record should contain the text of the message that will be included in the notification Mail and To Do Activity.
When you have finished working with this setting, click the [Save] button (Windows/macOS) or tap √ (iOS/Android) in the Button Bar to save the changes and close the window. To close the window without saving changes, click the close box (Windows/macOS) or tap < (iOS/Android).


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