Creating a Report Generator Report - Using Variables and Formulae - Declaring a Variable

This page describes the first step in using a variable in a Report Generator report, which is to "declare" the variable (to name it and give it a type).


In order to be able to use a variable in a Report Generator report, you should first to name the variable and give it a type and an initial value. This is known as "declaring" the variable. You should always declare variables at the beginning of a report, so that you can use them at any time in the reporting process. You can use the following methods to declare a variable:

  • Use the [Selection] button on the 'Data' card of the Report Definition window both to declare a variable and to place it in the report's specification window.

  • Use the [Register] button also on the 'Data' card to declare a variable ready to receive the contents of the register.

  • Use the [Variable] button as described on this page when you don't need to place the variable in the report's specification window.
Follow these steps:
  1. Return to the Report Definition record and go to the 'Data' card.

  2. Click the [Variable] button above the report display area. The 'Variable' dialogue box opens:

    Variable Name
    Enter a name for the variable. Include at least one alpha character in the name and do not use spaces or punctuation marks of any kind. Use the underscore _ instead of a space. Ideally, the Variable Name should reflect the purpose of the variable. You must include at least two characters in a variable name, up to a maximum of 20.

    If you need to declare several variables that will have the same Type and default value, you can enter several variable names here, separated by commas.

    Paste Special    Variable Types
    Specify the type of the variable here. This will determine the type of information that can be held in the variable.

    For example, a variable that will be used to keep track of the number of records listed in a report will only ever contain whole numbers, so it should be an integer variable.

    For a list of the various types available, please refer to the Field and Variable Types page.

    Initial Value
    If you want a default value to be placed in the variable, specify that default value here.

  3. When the 'Variable' dialogue box is complete, click the [OK] button to close it. A "Variable:" line will be added to the report display area, above the primary register line:

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