Cash Events

Use the Cash Event form when you need to print a Cash Event or a range of Cash Events.

You can also print an individual Cash Event by opening the record and clicking the Printer icon (Windows/Mac OS X) or selecting 'Print' from the File menu (all platforms). To print a Cash Event to screen, click the Preview icon (Windows/Mac OS X only).

Range Reporting    Numeric
Enter a Cash Event Number to print a single Cash Event, or a range of Cash Event Numbers, separating the first and last number with a colon (:). You must specify a Cash Event Number or range of Numbers: if you leave this field empty, no forms will be printed.
You can use the fields listed below when you design the Form Template to be used by the Cash Event form. If you do not want to print the decimal places in numeric fields, choose the Cut Decimals option in the record in the Values in Text setting for the Language specified in the Company Info setting.

Field in Form TemplatePrints (from Cash Event)
Header Fields (these print once per Cash Event)
Cost AccountCred. A/C
Event TypePrints the text "Cash Out", "Cash In" or "Cash Writeoff" depending on the Event
Local MachineMachine
Serial Number (Number Series) Number
Total SumTotal
Transaction Date (transdate) Date
Transaction TimeTime
Row Fields (these print once per row, so remember to specify a Line Height and to set the Format to "Matrix")
Payment Mode Mode
Row SumAmount

Please refer here for details of the standard fields that you can also include in the Form Template.


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