You can set or change your password from the Navigation Centre. Bring the Navigation Centre to the front using the Ctrl-M (Windows and Linux) or ⌘-M (Mac OS X) keyboard shortcut, and then select 'Change Password' from the Operations menu. Enter the old password if there is one and then type in the new one twice to ensure that it is correct. Click [Save] to close the window and save, or [Cancel] if you do not want to save changes. The password is case-sensitive.

When you first used the old password, you may have specified that you wanted Standard ERP to remember it so that you did not have to enter it yourself each time you log in (as described in step 8 on this page). If so, the first time you use the new password, you will be asked once again if you want it to be remembered. Please refer to the description of the 'Stop Auto Login' function for more details.


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