Editing a Contact

To edit a Contact, first open the Contact register by clicking the [Contacts] button in the Master Control panel.

The 'Contacts: Browse' window opens, listing the Contacts in Contact Number order. Change the sort order by clicking on one of the column headings: the blue heading shows the current sort order.

To search for a specific Contact, first sort the list by the column that you want to use for the search. Then, enter the text that you want to find in the Search field in the top right-hand corner of the window and press Return. For example, to search for a particular Contact Name, sort by Name before entering a Contact Name (or its first few characters) in the Search field.

To modify a Contact record, double-click on the line in the browse window. The Contact record will be opened in a window entitled 'Contact: Inspect'. The fields in this window are the same as those in the 'Contact: New' window: please refer here for a detailed description of each field.

Edit the fields as necessary. Move from field to field using the Tab, Enter or Return keys, using the arrow keys, or using the mouse. Click the [Save] button when you have finished, to save changes.

You can also edit a Contact from another register. For example, when entering an Invoice, you might realise that your information about the Customer is out of date (they might have changed their address or telephone number, for example). Place the insertion point in the Customer field in the Invoice and press ⌘-Shift-V. The Contact record for the Customer opens, allowing you to make the necessary changes. You can also do this from the 'Paste Special' list, when you are choosing the Customer for the Invoice.


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