Entering a Contact

To work with Contacts, first open the Contact register by clicking the [Contacts] button in the Master Control panel or using the relevant keyboard shortcut (for example, ⌘-3 in Standard Invoicing, ⌘-4 in Standard Contracts, depending on the position of the icon in the Master Control panel). The 'Contacts: Browse' window is opened, showing a list of Contacts already entered. To create a new Contact, click the [New] button above the list or use the ⌘-N keyboard shortcut. Alternatively, highlight a Contact similar to the one you want to enter and click [Duplicate] (or use ⌘-Y).

The 'Contact: New' window will open, empty if you clicked [New] or containing a duplicate of the highlighted record. Complete the Contact record as appropriate and as described below, then save it using the [Save] button and close the window by clicking the close box. Then, close the browse window using the close box again.

Since the amount of information stored about each company will not fit in a single window, the 'Contact: New' window is divided into two cards. At the top of each is the header. This contains the Contact Number and Name, the Customer Category, and the Customer check box. There are two named buttons ('tabs') in the header.

By clicking the tabs you can navigate between cards. The header is always visible, as a reminder of the Contact you are working with.


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